On-demand WEBINAR
Hosted by Thomson Reuters

Implementing self-serve legal tech into a business from scratch can seem like a daunting task, and lawyers are rightly concerned whether technology is sophisticated enough to operate without their oversight. But every legal team has tasks where automation would be quite simple and save a lot of time.

In this interactive session, the panel discuss the ways that legal teams can go about making the self-serve dream a reality by starting small and scaling up their projects.

They share real-life examples of growing a self-serve ecosystem, starting as simply as automating a single contract and growing to provide a central portal covering all the legal needs of their business users.

David Harris
Solution Consultant –
Legal Software
Thomson Reuters
Anna Lolua
Director of Legal Innovation
Joe Weeks 
Junior Legal Engineer
Paul Castell
Head of Legal – Commercial, Corporate Services and Construction
Craig Sapio
Solicitor – Commercial and Construction

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