Guarding the gates: how governments and corporations are minimizing identity theft
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Identify verification is a top concern for both Government and Corporate risk professionals – and the fraudsters are only getting more active. Nearly $2.7 billion was lost to imposter scams in 2022 and identity theft was the most reported fraud last year, at 21.5% of all reports. In addition, total fraud losses were nearly $8.8 billion–an increase of nearly $2.6 billion over 2021.

But you can get ahead of bad actors – for example, after a huge spike during the COVID pandemic, government benefits fraud reports are now down 88%, showing that strong controls and consistent procedures can help your organization weather the fraud storm. Join a group of risk and fraud experts from  Thomson Reuters for a look at current best practices in ID Verification today, including: 

  • New challenges with ID verification 
  • The risks of manual or inconsistent verification systems 
  • How other risk professionals are stopping fraudsters during onboarding 
  • Current technologies for ID Verification 
  • A brief demo displaying how our solutions can help 
The webinar will be broadcast at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, October 11, 2023. Sign up now and view live or on-demand any time afterward.  

Rabihah S. Butler
Manager, Enterprise Content – Risk, Fraud & Government
Thomson Reuters

Rabihah S. Butler, Esq., is Manager of the Corporate Risk and Government Investigative enterprise content platform for Thomson Reuters. Rabihah works on solutions to some of the world’s most pressing fraud issues including anti-money laundering (AML), e-commerce fraud, and healthcare fraud, in addition to risk and regulatory compliance. She previously was a Senior Business Execution Consultant for Wells Fargo. Rabihah received her JD from American University – Washington College of Law and is admitted to the bar in Maryland and the District of Columbia.
Ayelet Biger-Levin 

Ayelet Biger-Levin is a cybersecurity and fraud detection expert who has dedicated the last 15 years to developing technology aimed at assisting financial institutions in authenticating customers and detecting fraud. Currently, she is focused on combating online scams as the founder of RangersAI. Previously, she has held positions at IBM, RSA Security, and BioCatch. Ayelet has recently launched a podcast called "Scam Rangers," where she discusses the human aspect of scams and interviews individuals who have committed themselves to advocating for scam victims and taking proactive measures to address this issue.
Aaron Marks
Client Manager, Government Risk, Fraud, & Compliance
Thomson Reuters

Aaron has worked with Thomson Reuters since 2016, when he assisted Legal customers with research and public records investigations as a Westlaw Reference Attorney. Since 2018, Aaron’s work has focused on providing training and support to Government Investigative customers, ensuring they get the most possible benefit from CLEAR. Aaron is a 2014 graduate of Hamline University School of Law and a Minnesota licensed attorney.
Amanda D’Amico
Vice President, Risk & Fraud Commercial Strategy & Operations
Thomson Reuters

Amanda is responsible for setting the Thomson Reuters Risk and Fraud strategic direction. Ms. D’Amico has been fighting fraud on the front lines for over 20 years. She started her career in law enforcement achieving the rank of Lieutenant and then transitioned to be a State Public Benefits Integrity Director. For the last five years, she has been leading the fraud prevention operations at Pondera-Thomson Reuters. She holds a bachelor’s and a, is a graduate of the Harvard School of Business High Potentials Leadership Program.
Jacob Denman
Product Marketing Manager
Thomson Reuters

Jacob is a Risk and Fraud Product Marketing Manager with Thomson Reuters, where he leverages his extensive background in AML and fraud investigations to develop and execute strategies for driving customer engagement and adoption of their products. Jacob also serves as a board member for the Twin Cities ACFE and he previously held senior investigative and leadership roles with regional and global financial institutions, where he gained extensive experience in anti-money laundering investigations, complex crimes, terrorism financing investigations, fraud networks, and international Russian sanctions violations.

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