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When conducting due diligence on a new foreign entity or offshore company, organizations are on their own to investigate and identify global beneficial ownership data and registry information. It’s vital to the safety of your organization, but where do you even start to source and research this data?

With the right tools, that’s how. Thomson Reuters CLEAR Global Beneficial Ownership allows you to:

  • Conduct due diligence on international corporate entities and uncover their owners
  • Protect your organization’s reputational risk
  • Understand your organization's supply chain risk
  • Investigate shell corporations and/or criminal rings

Please join us for this 30-minute webinar on how CLEAR Global Beneficial Ownership can help surface crucial data around global UBO and corporate registries (outside the US) and provide comprehensive reports that ensure the safety of your organization from bad actors. 

Amanda Dupont, Public Records Product Expert, Thomson Reuters

Amanda DuPont has over 22 years of professional experience in the legal industry and is a highly experienced investigative researcher and speaker. She is a CAM-certified licensed attorney and practiced law in Minneapolis for over eight years where she represented businesses in all types of legal advising roles – from class action litigation work to contracts and negotiations. Amanda joined Thomson Reuters in 2006 and has held roles throughout the business. Since 2010, Amanda has worked exclusively in Thomson Reuters’ public records solutions. In her current role as Public Records Product Specialist, Amanda works closely with both corporate commercial customers as well as Thomson Reuters New Product Development team to help develop innovative solutions in the public records arena, including Thomson Reuters’ flagship product CLEAR. She also consults on automation solutions with our customers including working with partner software vendors interested in building API connections into CLEAR.
Erin Tiernan, Public Records Product Expert, Thomson Reuters

Erin is a Public Records Product Specialist with Thomson Reuters. She joined Thomson Reuters in January 2004 working with corporate legal departments on training and managing Westlaw accounts. Within a few years, Erin began to focus her attention solely to Thomson Reuters’ public records products and customers across the Eastern US.  She has worked closely with many customers assisting with research workflows and custom solutions. Her client base includes many of the top national financial institutions, insurance companies, specialized investigators, and corporate security professionals. 

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