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Can onboarding be both fast and accurate? A look at current trends in fraud and identity verification
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Your business partners are not invested in your risk management protocols – they want their new customers and partners set up in company systems now. You know it’s not that simple, there are ever-more-plausible scams and near-perfect synthetic identities making your work more complex than ever with increased risk exposure.

Your old systems can’t keep up with the needs of onboarding today – the fraudsters are getting better, and the regulatory concerns are getting more expansive. You have to get smarter and better prepared to limit exposure for yourself and your business partners. How can you do that? The right technologies will give your team both the time to handle an ever-increasing flood of new verifications and the consistency to handle them all exactly the same way, always following your established risk protocols.

In this webinar, industry experts will discuss current best practices for identity verification and risk management in onboarding, including:

  • Recent regulatory changes
  • Common patterns in identity fraud
  • The growing dangers of synthetic identities
  • Using adverse media to paint a full picture
  • AML risk of failed customer knowledge
  • And more

Rabihah S. Butler
Manager, Enterprise Content - Risk, Fraud, and Government, Thomson Reuters Institute

Rabihah S. Butler, Esq., is Manager of the Corporate Risk and Government Investigative enterprise content platform for Thomson Reuters. Rabihah works on solutions to some of the world’s most pressing fraud issues including anti-money laundering (AML), e-commerce fraud, and healthcare fraud, in addition to risk and regulatory compliance. She previously was a Senior Business Execution Consultant for Wells Fargo. Rabihah received her JD from American University – Washington College of Law and is admitted to the bar in Maryland and the District of Columbia.
Daniel Robinson
Industry Expert, Financial Services

Daniel Robinson is a North Carolina licensed attorney, University of South Carolina alumni and Program Oversight and Design expert in the banking industry. Daniel has worked for some of the largest Financial Institutions, designing and providing oversight over KYC onboarding and transaction monitoring across various aspects of the industry. He specializes in ensuring systems are quality tested and audit proofed in the areas of AML, Sanctions Monitoring and Beneficial Ownership.

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