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Demonstrating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion is no longer a unique corporate benefit maintained by progressive organizations. The push for social justice reform, revised corporate governance and increasingly commonplace corporate initiatives have shown that a DEI strategy is a necessary leadership focus. Remaining accountable requires an operational strategy with measurable actions throughout the enterprise. In this webinar, Executing Your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy, our panelists will share effective operational initiatives and metrics-focused practices that take your strategy from the board room to the break room.

Join us for this one-hour event and discover how to:

  • Build inclusion into day-to-day operations
  • Remove bias from talent systems and processes
  • Execute and measure the effectiveness of sponsorship and mentorship programs
  • Embed DEI metrics effectively into your overall reporting systems

Daniel Winterfeldt
John Elliott
Helen Respass
Moderator: Elizabeth Nelson
General Counsel, EMEA & Asia
Manager of Legal Operations
Senior Legal Editor, Practical Law
Thomson Reuters
Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Thomson Reuters

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