Effectively Handling Disputes In-House: Doing More with Less

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In-house attorneys are being asked to handle more disputes and litigation, particularly pre-litigation and discovery matters, as in-house budgets have shrunk and the budget for outside counsel is limited. This also comes as the volume of disputes and litigation is exponentially increasing in the wake of the pandemic. Given this reality, what are the major pain points for in-house attorneys when it comes to handling these matters? How can in-house counsel more efficiently and effectively tackle their workload given these pain points? This webinar will address a variety of topics, including:

  • Pain points and solutions related to finding good templates for handling disputes and researching or locating information given limited in-house resources
  • Best practices and tips for processes to handle disputes in-house, including structuring a good settlement process and negotiating disputes with customers or employees
  • Staying engaged in litigation-related matters even when assigned to outside counsel, for the benefit of the business
  • Handling corporate e-discovery issues
  • Development of new legal issues and processes related to COVID
  • And more!

Rachel Hirsch
In-house Counsel, AIPAC
Leia LeFay
Assistant General Counsel, Shutterstock
Farah Shah
Deputy General Counsel, Valiant Integrated Services
Jessica Brand
Senior Legal Editor, Practical Law
Lauren Sobel
Senior Legal Editor, Practical Law

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