Contract Lifecycle Management Step-By-Step: Moving up the Maturity Model
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Where does your department sit in the Contract Lifecycle Management maturity model? Do you have a system of record, with a dedicated central repository? Have you built a system of engagement on top of that, to track and manage all your work? Or are you one of the few with a true system of intelligence, able to predict clearly and use your data to drive business goals? 

Maybe you’re still struggling to get up to that first level. No matter where your department is, you can have a clear path forward, and get better at CLM this year. A panel of experts from Thomson Reuters will show you how. 

Join us to learn:

  • How to set up a modern CLM system from any starting point 
  • Using tracking and workflow management tools 
  • Leveraging AI for deep insights into your contracts 
  • Handling change management to drive adoption 
  • And more

Kristen Maslen
Director, Market Development at Thomson Reuters (Moderator)
Kirsten practiced law for 10 years, specializing in large infrastructure and outsourcing transactions in the public and private sectors. After leaving practice, Kirsten worked as an editor for Practical Law, writing content on commercial projects, public procurement, outsourcing and employee transfers. 
After several years in strategy and customer proposition in our Legal Professionals and Corporates businesses, Kirsten is now responsible for value proposition design and customer insight to inform the continued development of Thomson Reuters’ portfolio of legal software solutions
Liz Langhans 
Product Marketing Manager, Legal Tech at Thomson Reuters
Liz Langhans is a Product Marketing Manager on Thomson Reuters’ Product Marketing team focused on legal tech solutions.
She previously worked in Intellectual Property law for 14 years, specializing in US and Foreign Patent Prosecution.  After continuing her education and receiving her MBA in 2022, Liz joined Thomson Reuters to pursue a career that would draw from both her legal experience and formal marketing instruction.
As a member of the Inbound Product Marketing team, Liz’s market research and engagement with customers and cross-functional teams help to generate insights that inform product value propositions and messaging to support Thomson Reuters’ legal software solutions.
Mark Cullen
Senior Director of Global Legal Operations Thomson Reuters
Mark leads multiple Product teams within the LegalTech division at TR with specific oversight of solutions focused on Spend Management, Document Drafting & Automation.
In partnership with Design and Technology, Mark’s team designs, builds and constantly improves customer-centric software solutions for law firm and in-house legal professionals to more effectively achieve their given legal use-case from end to end.
Mark is a statistician by training and a former data analyst and consultant to the world's largest hedge-funds and pension funds. Before joining TR in February 2022, Mark spent more than 10 years building software products for investment professionals, in insurance and for global consumer tech companies.

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