How To Achieve a Proactive Tax Function and Why Your Journey Starts With Data Management

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Hosted by Thomson Reuters

In recent years, macro trends such as accelerated disruptive technological change and a shift towards the need for businesses to be more agile have greatly impacted the tax function. The COVID-19 pandemic has created both an unprecedented need and opportunity to drive efficiencies – but a best-in-class tax function cannot be formed overnight. There’s pressure for tax departments go above and beyond compliance work and implement value add-strategies such as tax planning – but with so much at stake, it’s important not to run before you can walk.

Experts Shaun Lockhart of EY Americas and our own, Barbara Torzewski join us for this webinar to discuss why a best-in-class tax function must start with solid data management strategy. We’ll explore ways to build a proper foundation to underpin the long-term success of your numerous tax functions, and address some common challenges faced by in-house teams. Every tax department will navigate their own data management journey, but with a vast number of automation tools in the market, it’s hard to know which solutions will best serve the needs of your organization. Knowing which tax technology is right for your organization, plus knowing when to implement it is essential so you can reap better rewards in areas such as tax planning and forecasting later down the line. 

Upon completion, attendees will be able to integrate the ONESOURCE story with their department's tax journey.

During this 45 min webinar, you will learn:

  • Which macro trends impact the tax function today and in the future
  • Practical ways to address common pain points around data management and tax planning
  • How to build an intelligent data management strategy to align with the goals of your tax department
  • What an API is and how to leverage them to build a best in class tax department
  • How best to leverage the Thomson Reuters Data Management suite for short and long-term success
  • Leading practices around implementation

Barbara Torzewski  |  Solution Consultant, Thomson Reuters

Barbara recently joined Thomson Reuters from BDO where she held many roles including leader of their Tax Transformation Services, assisting BDO internally to improve tax processes and technology and has many years experience as a ONESOURCE Tax Provision (OTP) Certified Implementer assisting BDO professionals and clients alike in their use of OTP. Barbara also brings industry experience having held previous roles in various corporate tax departments.
Shaun Alane Lockhart  |  CPA, Executive Director, EY

Shaun is an Executive Director with Ernst & Young’s Tax Technology and Transformation (TTT) practice. She specializes in tax function process improvements, tax department assessments/operating model recommendations, and wide scale process design and technology implementations.

She has led many tax transformation projects for large multi-national clients which included direct and indirect tax process and technology optimization as well as ERP tax needs assessments and integration. Many of those projects involve building businesses cases to fund transformation work and to reduce the overall total cost of the tax function for clients.
Jason Taylor  |  EA, Senior Manager, EY

Jason is a Senior Manager with Ernst & Young’s Tax Technology and Transformation (TTT) practice. He focuses on tax operating model optimization with an emphasis on tax data management and intelligent automation.

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