Global Transfer Pricing Policy:
Where it’s headed and why documentation is best managed in-house with ONESOURCE

Live Event Date: July 8, 2021
Live Event Time: 9:00am CST/3:00pm BST
Hosted by Thomson Reuters

For businesses operating across borders, complying with varied transfer pricing regulations has become ever-more challenging task. 

The looming eventuality of BEPS 2.0, UN Article 12B and the recent agreement between the G7 advanced economies to reform the global tax system are likely to present new challenges. Businesses can expect increased scrutiny as governments look for new ways to gain revenue since the COVID-19 pandemic. This push has gained new velocity in recent months due to proposals from U.S. President Joe Biden’s new administration.  

Proposed changes will demand consideration from the taxpayers’ existing approach to producing transfer pricing documentation reports and whether it’s adaptable enough to evolve with policies that are ever-changing across the globe.  

It’s essential to be well-equipped to cope with a new pattern of multipolarity which has emerged across tax regimes and avoid the risk of non-compliance. 

During this webinar, Hafiz Choudhury of The M Group Inc. and Regal Analytics, will explore where we are now, how transfer pricing regulations are likely to evolve in the coming years and how these will lead to increased pressure on transfer pricing documentation. Thomson Reuters solution consultant Jenny Bluvshteyn will demonstrate how the new ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing Documenter helps businesses to stay in control in a cost-efficient way.  

This 45-minute webinar will cover: 

  • The state of the global transfer pricing documentation regulatory landscape today 

  • The likely evolution of the requirements and how to interpret OECD guidelines 

  • Common challenges faced by transfer pricing teams and how to address them 

  • Why an automated approach with complete control is a suitable long-term solution 

  • Tips on how to take ownership of the process and manage it in-house 

  • Your live questions via online chat

Hafiz Choudhury,
International Tax Consultant
and Entrepreneur
The M Group, Inc.
Hafiz Choudhury is an international tax consultant and entrepreneur. He works with major multinationals on tax policy and business strategy issues; he also advises governments on tax policy and administration through his consulting firm, The M Group, Inc. ( He has worked in more than 25 countries, advising on tax policy and administration reforms. His software business builds international tax and trade decision support, modelling and analysis tools ( He serves on the Extractive Industries Taxation and Transfer Pricing Subcommittees of the UN Committee of Taxation Experts and is the general editor of the UN Transfer Pricing Manual. He has been involved in significant research tasks in international taxation and teaches tax risk and transfer pricing modules as adjunct faculty at Texas A&M University. Hafiz started working life with HM Board of Inland Revenue in the UK (now HMRC), and then worked at IBFD, the Netherlands, in a variety of roles before starting his own business.
Bianca Kuijper,
Director of Direct Tax
and Transfer Pricing Propositions
Thomson Reuters

With over 14 years of experience in the tax and tax technology industry, Bianca has a unique understanding of the global tax technology landscape. Bianca works closely with customers to deliver the best propositions for the Direct Tax and Transfer Pricing suites. Before joining Thomson Reuters in The Netherlands, Bianca worked in the International Tax Practice of EY.
Jenny Bluvshteyn,
Solution Consultant
Thomson Reuters
Jenny is a member of the ONESOURCE Solution Consultant Team and has been with Thomson Reuters for over 14 years. Jenny started as a Transfer Pricing economist creating transfer pricing documentation reports and consulting clients on Transfer Pricing issues. After two years, Jenny moved on to the Training Coordinator role where she offered training session to customers that use ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing Documenter solution. Jenny has provided training sessions both in person and over internet to transfer pricing and tax professionals for Fortune 500 companies, Tax Authorities, as well as multiple service providers.  

Jenny has an undergraduate degree in accounting from City University of Brooklyn College.

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