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A World of Free Trade Agreements: How to Maximize Duty Savings in Your Supply Chain Design

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In response to regulatory and geopolitical disruptions, multinational companies are actively looking for savings in their global supply chains. At the same time, there’s a parallel shift toward diversifying supply chains and avoiding over-reliance on a single sourcing location.

Free trade agreements (FTAs) can offer that dual-pronged benefit many companies are seeking. You can not only improve cashflow through preferential duty savings, but also diversify your supply chain by evaluating new FTA-eligible trade lanes.

Join us for a free webinar with Michael Heldebrand and Armando F. Beteta of Ernst & Young LLP, alongside Anne Woelke of Thomson Reuters, to learn how you can take advantage of FTAs in your global sourcing strategy.

Key topics:
  • How to design a strategic, tax-efficient supply chain and lower the overall cost of goods
  • How to identify global FTA opportunities that are right for you with a closer look at the recently enacted USMCA
  • What to look for in an automated FTA software solution

Armando F. Beteta
Managing Director – Global Trade – Latin America Business Center
Ernst & Young LLP
Anne Woelke
FTA Product Manager,
Thomson Reuters
Michael Heldebrand
Partner - Indirect Tax US-West Region Global Trade Leader
Ernst & Young LLP
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