The Future of Compliance: Simplify E-Invoicing Complexity With a Universal Solution 

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Minimize effort, cost, and risk with a global compliance strategy for e-invoicing and VAT/GST reporting.

Global VAT/GST compliance, coupled with accelerating e-invoicing mandates, continues to increase complexity for multinational businesses. With more countries adopting digital compliance requirements, how can organizations meet the demands to comply with tax law and e-invoice continuous-transaction-control (CTC) mandates while minimizing effort, cost, and risk? 

Simplify your e-invoicing process with an end-to-end, global compliance solution that combines the power of ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance, for automated, global VAT/GST reporting, with Pagero’s e-invoicing (CTC) capabilities, for the automated and secure exchange of e-invoices and other electronic business documents.  

 Join Thomson Reuters and Pagero experts to understand:

  • How to address e-invoicing specific challenges 
  • How businesses can manage global compliance obligations strategically
  • The benefits of a universal e-invoicing technology solution 

Register today for this first installment in our series of educational sessions discussing a strategic approach to global compliance obligations.

Brad Colie – Director of Sales North America, Pagero

Brad is the Director of Sales for Pagero, Inc.  He has over 25 years’ experience in sales and has worked in e-Invoicing compliance for 10 years.

Brad has been active working with organizations to advise and support initiatives to streamline e-Invoicing processes. This includes not only regulatory requirements for international operations, but also automation in the Orders to Cash and Purchase to Pay areas of business. 

As the world continues to digitize and regulatory requirements become more difficult and expansive, the need for an e-Invoicing partner has never been greater.  Brad’s hands-on approach to the educational and advisory component of working with multinationals extends to the operational strategy of merging automation and e-Invoicing compliance needs. 
Lianne Bowker - Indirect Tax Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters

As a Solution Consultant at Thomson Reuters, Lianne is responsible for consulting with customers on their indirect tax and e-invoicing needs. Previously an accountant and tax advisor with the Big 4 with a focus on VAT advisory and VAT compliance. Lianne has keen interest and experience in tax automation, innovation, sustainability and creativity in finance technology to improve client processes and deliverables.

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