THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING: Understanding DAC6 Current State of Play And Steps Your Tax Department Can Take To Get Ahead

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In the last few months, the pandemic has forced corporate tax professionals to navigate relentless changes including DAC6 compliance. While some countries has opted for extensions, there is still much to be concerned when it comes to complying with this very complex and stringent EU mandatory disclosure regime (MDR) regarding cross-border arrangements. DAC6 compliance requires a reporting strategy, policy, and guidance that details how to recognize reportable arrangements, establishes responsibilities for taxpayers and intermediaries, and includes repeatable workflows that span from data collection to analysis to reporting. Given the intense workload, tight deadlines, digital filing requirements, and high cost of failure, this cannot be accomplished manually or easily outsourced. Any DAC6 software solution has to be near perfect in how it handles the actual reporting. That’s more reason to ensure your solution is scalable and adaptable as the rules overseeing disclosure of cross-border arrangements expand and evolve.

In this webinar, we will dive into:

  • The latest updates- delays, local country implementations
  • The DAC6 workflow – complexities, stakeholder reporting and other reporting requirements
  • The Next 100 days
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Gratian Joseph
CEO and Co-Founder | Orbitax
Gratian Joseph is co-founder and CEO of Orbitax. Prior to co-founding Orbitax, Gratian was the International Tax Partner in Charge of KPMG’s Silicon Valley office. Gratian has advised numerous high technology companies on tax-efficient ways of structuring their offshore operations. Gratian is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master in Taxation from the University of Illinois. 

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